Laura Tosato

Laura Tosato Jewelry colletion is an innovative concept of craftsmanship with utilizes creative desing in combination with noble metals and native semi-precious stones from Dominican republic.

Designer of outstanding perception, Laura is able to produce beautiful and captivating jewels thanks to a careful supervision throughout the entire process of handmade elaboration.

The originality of this line of the fine jewelry is a pratical and elegant option for the modern woman of today. The experience in this sector is the guarantee for high quality product at an accessible price to anyone.


With simple lines, laura tosato's designs incorporate stones that blend the unique blue found where the carribean sky meets the sea. Shades that are unique to the southern Hispaniola.

The creator of these jewels is the young Dominican- Italian designer, laura tosato, who express creativity, simplicity and good taste at its maximum capacity, resulting in unique pieces, totally hand made by craftmen of the highest quality and experience.

Evidence of Carribean extravagance is palpable in the delicate fusion of precious metals combined with the elegance of Dominican wood. Touches of resins that enclose millions of years of evolution are used and infuse those who wear it with the best of luck.

The interaction between sophistication and originality makes this line both practical and charming, appealing to the public over time. Each desing is fully guaranteed.

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